Internship | Stage Master 2

Internship season - Adithep discovers Clermont-Ferrand

From March 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023

Adithep Kawinkij (IOGS/AIMA) is doing his master internship at Quantel Medical in Clermont-Ferrand.

Adithep Kawinkij, 3rd year student at Institut d'Optique Graduate School and master student in Advanced Imaging and Material Appearance (AIMA), is doing his M2 internship at Quantel Medical in Clermont-Ferrand, leading manufacturer specialized in ophthalmology. He has been a Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School scholarship student since last year and will complete his training at the end of the summer.

The goal of his internship is to develop an eye imaging instrument. This objective involves designing, prototyping, and testing in a controlled environment if the training time given is sufficient. The goal of this internship is principally a great example of optical design practice in commercial setting. Since the Saint-Étienne campus of IOGS is specialized in Optical Design, it is directly linked to this internship.
This kind of problem, in my opinion, can only be experienced in industrial setting rather than in academic setting, and it is essential for engineer training.