MSc. in Computer Science

The MSc in Computer Science at Jean Monnet University trains computer scientists specialised in artificial intelligence and IT preparing students for careers in research, research and development and industry according to 2 specialisation tracks* member of the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School.

MLDM - Machine Learning and Data Mining

An international track, MLDM provides an original scientific position on problems related to machine learning, big data, deep learning, pattern recognition, classification, knowledge extraction, data analysis modelling and mining, decision support and artificial intelligence.

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DSC - Data and Connected Systems

A national track in partnership with Mines Saint-Etienne, DSC offers a curriculum developing skills both in artificial intelligence/data science and IT development with applications to the Web, document analysis and recommendation, complex data modelling.

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 *The Master also have a third specialisation track – Cyber-Physical and Social Systems (CPS2), which is not part of the Graduate School.