Manutech-SLEIGHT awards

The Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School offers the opportunity to master and PhD students, Post-Doctoral fellows and young researchers to present their ongoing work during dedicated sessions of the SLEIGHT Science Events:
  • The Pitch session allows Master and engineering school students working on projects related to the Manutech-SLEIGHT topics to give short oral presentations of their work as a way to attract interest and comments from the audience.
  • The Young Scientists sessions aim at promoting the scientific work of the doctoral students or young researchers. The speakers will present their research in front of the academic community answer questions from the whole attendance and receive feedback from established scientists.
  • The Poster session, where all members of the consortium can present their work.

These sessions are very instructive for future researchers: to be able to speak at conferences at the Master's level, to be able to present cutting-edge topics to a multidisciplinary audience and to answer questions from specialists are key skills the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School enables them to develop.
The best presentation of each session is awarded by a jury and the Graduate School team at the end of the Science Events.