Internship | Stage Master 2

Internship season - Aidar at Institut Fayol

From February 6, 2023 to July 24, 2023

Aidar Gaffarov (MDLM) is doing his master thesis in Institut Fayol, Saint-Etienne

Aidar Gaffarov, 2nd year student in the Machine Learning and Data Mining - MLDM master degree, is doing his M2 internship at Ecole des Mines' Institut Fayol, in the Computer science and intelligent systems department. He has been a Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School scholarship student since last year and will complete his training just before the summer.

How was the welcoming when you arrived?
The welcoming when I arrived for my internship was great. The team was very friendly and welcoming, they introduced themselves and showed me around the facilities. They also provided me with a detailed overview of the project I would be working on and explained my responsibilities and tasks. I felt very comfortable and supported from the beginning, and I appreciated their efforts to make me feel welcomed and included in the team.

What is the subject of your internship?
The subject of my internship is in the field of distillation of neural networks, with the aim of creating smart gloves that can help people work in virtual reality, for example in the context of virtual surgery operations for doctors.

What is the link between your internship subject and your master/engineering training?
As an intern studying machine learning and data mining, my internship subject is very closely related to my program of study. Specifically, I am exploring techniques for distilling neural networks in order to create small, energy-efficient models that can run on devices with limited processing power, such as smart gloves. This is directly relevant to my training in machine learning, as it involves learning how to optimize neural network models for constrained environments.