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Manutech-SLEIGHT student association

Manutech-SLEIGHT student association (ASESLEIGHT) is a group of graduate students, masters and PhDs, which aims to:
  • Provide students of the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School with opportunities to learn about regional, national, and international professional communities to which they can join.
  • Promote the exchange of information relating to their scientific and technical fields of study and to the professional context likely to provide them with employment.
  • Encourage informal and friendly networking, including membership of learned societies hosting student scientific associations (e.g. Student Chapters).
OPTICA student chapter
The ASESLEIGHT chapter will collaborate with OPTICA, organizing activities that promote awareness of optical sciences among the students and local communities in the Saint-Étienne and Lyon region, as well as coordinating workshops, courses, conferences and networking events where work and study opportunities can be shared in the field of optics.

Secretary: Selyan ACID
Treasurer: Shubham SHARMA