Scientific objectives

Leader in photonics for surface engineering, the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School focuses on bringing significant knowledge and finding answers to three scientific questions.

Predicting and experimenting light-induced surface modification processes

Axis 1: Predict and experiment light-induced surface modification processes using ultrashort laser pulse interaction for the identification and control of the fundamental processes guiding the transient evolution of absorption of light and the surface modifications.

Research axis #1

Extracting full information and meaning from surface imaging

Axis 2: Extract full information and meaning from surface imaging including Artificial Intelligence skills, by developing safer, faster, and more elaborated diagnosis tools, in various environments such as harsh media or in situ diagnostic of biological tissues and the industry by offering in-situ control.

Research axis #2

Engineering and controlling light-induced surface modification effects

Axis 3: Foster a decisive technological leap in engineering and control of light-induced surface modification effects for a new generation of smart laser structuring tools, with the perspective of processing on ultimate scales and the development of micro-nano structured and functional surfaces with optical, mechanical, chemical physical and biological properties.

Research axis #3