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Student mobility - Maia got to Canada

On The May 10, 2023

Maia Sutter, 2nd year MLDM student, is doing her internship at the University of Sherbrooke

Maia Sutter is an M2 student in the Machine Learning and Data Mining (MDLM) specialisation of our MSc in Computer Science. She is working on unsupervised stance detection in social networks, a collaborative work between the Hubert Curien laboratory and the University of Sherbrooke.

My internship focuses on identifying whether a user is for, against, or neutral towards a given topic, entity, or claim. Our work is based on exploiting a user's social network structure as well as the posts they have made in order to classify their stance without needing to have labeled data for supervised learning.

She will be staying in Canada until the beginning of the summer. We wish her success and a pleasant stay in Sherbrooke.