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SSE #11 - SLEIGHT in 2024

The Manutech SLEIGHT Graduate School will hold its 11th SLEIGHT Science Event from January 8th to January 12th 2024 in Saint-Etienne (Telecom Saint Etienne Building, Manufacture Campus), bringing together researchers and students from the Saint-Etienne Lyon site. The winter edition will feature lectures, courses and student presentations (pitches, posters) on all SLEIGHT's topics.


The Graduate School would like to thank Télécom Saint-Etienne for lending us their amphitheatre for the event.

The program of the full week is rich:
  • The guest speakers will give high-level courses while allowing students to discover new subjects.
  • Three workshops organized by the scientific axes of Manutech-SLEIGHT will offer presentations of research projects (both funded and non-funded by Manutech-SLEIGHT) and will host invited speakers. These sessions are dedicated to the whole Manutech-SLEIGHT community and are an excellent opportunity to discuss on future projects and to create new collaborations.
  • A Thesis defense: Rehan Jhuboo, PhD student at the Hubert curien lab, working on the MALBOT (MAchine Learning for high definition BOne digital Twin) research project, will defend his thesis.
  • A "Pitch" session during which master students are invited to present their internship project or their individual project (chair: François Jacquenet)
  • A "Poster" session organised in a friendly set up (Chairs: Florent Bourquard - LabHC - and Donata Iandolo - SAINBIOSE). All the actors of the Graduate School are invited to participate and to present a poster (master students, PhD students, researchers, engineers).
  • The Manutech-SLEIGHT student association (ASESLEIGHT) will organize a fun activity during the Poster session.