Studying at Manutech-SLEIGHT

The Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School provides an international integrated MSc/PhD programme of excellence in the domains of Surfaces-Light engineering with applications to health, energy or security. With almost 300 master students including more than 50% of international students, Manutech-SLEIGHT is the best place to train through research, get access to cutting-edge training and research facilities, and develop your career.
Our ten master tracks focus on a cross-disciplinary approach in the fields of optics, image, vision, and, multimedia, computer science, and health engineering. The master programmes rely on the research activities of the Hubert Curien and SAINBIOSE laboratories, two institutions at the forefront of international research in these domains.

As a European partner, we offer four Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees in the fields of photonics for security, advanced colour and image science, photonics in radiated environments, and imaging for extended reality. The joint master programmes give students the opportunity to enrol in various courses, spending three semesters in three different universities, and allow them to obtain one master’s degree from each university. It is a unique chance to travel, discover new cultures, attend outstanding courses and acquire a wide set of skills.

We offer student engineers who wish to broaden their fields of study the opportunity to prepare a double degree or take interdisciplinary courses in one master, over a period of one semester.

We train all students as future researchers and engineers: they acquire a solid background from fundamental to applied sciences, as well as transverse skills that enable them to ease into the professional sphere. Our training-through-research offer leads them to participate in the SLEIGHT Science Events, produce scientific content and do an internship in a research laboratory or in the private sector. They also will have the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned researchers during specific modules and scientific events.

At the master level, we grant attractiveness scholarships to students with outstanding academic records. In addition, we offer opportunities for internships, jobs and research projects for our graduate students, as well as mobility grants for their internships.

The Master degrees open the door to many career paths in Industry or academic research. As a part of their training-through-research, master students can choose to pursue their research curriculum with a doctorate in one of our two doctoral schools.

  • Certificate_Kim-Rodin-Nguyen
    "Gloss measurement techniques for watching the degradation of Soulages' masterpieces" © ©Kim, Rodin & Nguyen - IOGS/UJM
  • ITW_Degly_IMLEX
  • ITW_IMLEX_Emmanuel Bustos
    Emmanuel Bustos Torres, IMLEX master student (EMJMD) © Romain Landat - UJM
    ITW_IMLEX_Emmanuel Bustos
  • ITW_SISE_Muhammad Adnan
    Muhammad Adnan, SISE master student © © Romain Landat / Lucile Lapierre (UJM)
    ITW_SISE_Muhammad Adnan
  • Training through research
    Training through research