Internship Season - Our scholarship students' journey in France

On The August 21, 2023

From left to rigtht: Aidar Gaffarov (MLDM), Adithep Kawinkij (AIMA) and Ranjit Kannappan (AIMA) - UJM
From left to rigtht: Aidar Gaffarov (MLDM), Adithep Kawinkij (AIMA) and Ranjit Kannappan (AIMA) - UJM

3 of our scholars did their internship in renowned French labs

Aidar Gaffarov, 2nd year student in the Machine Learning and Data Mining - MLDM master degree, did his M2 internship at Ecole des Mines' Institut Fayol, in the Computer Science and Intelligent Systems department. He was a Manutech-SLEIGHT scholar for the two years of his master.

How was the welcoming when you arrived?
The welcoming when I arrived for my internship was great. The team was very friendly and welcoming, they introduced themselves and showed me around the facilities. They also provided me with a detailed overview of the project I would be working on and explained my responsibilities and tasks. I felt very comfortable and supported from the beginning, and I appreciated their efforts to make me feel welcomed and included in the team.

What is the subject of your internship?
The subject of my internship is in the field of distillation of neural networks, with the aim of creating smart gloves that can help people work in virtual reality, for example in the context of virtual surgery operations for doctors.

What is the link between your internship subject and your master/engineering training?
As an intern studying machine learning and data mining, my internship subject is very closely related to my program of study. Specifically, I am exploring techniques for distilling neural networks in order to create small, energy-efficient models that can run on devices with limited processing power, such as smart gloves. This is directly relevant to my training in machine learning, as it involves learning how to optimize neural network models for constrained environments.

He graduated in 2023! Congrats and all our wishes for your next adventure.

Adithep Kawinkij
, 3rd year student at Institut d'Optique Graduate School and master student in Advanced Imaging and Material Appearance (AIMA), did his M2 internship at Quantel Medical in Clermont-Ferrand, leading manufacturer specialized in ophthalmology. He was a Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School scholar for the duration of his master.

The goal of my internship was to develop an eye imaging instrument. This objective involved designing, prototyping, and testing in a controlled environment if the training time given was sufficient. It was a great example of optical design practice in a  commercial setting. Since the Saint-Étienne campus of IOGS is specialized in Optical Design, it was directly linked to my internship. This kind of problem, in my opinion, can only be experienced in industrial setting rather than in academic setting, and it is essential for engineer training.

Adithep graduated with honor from IOGS and the AIMA master program in 2023. He joined the CREATIS lab for a PhD project in September 2023. Congrats!

Ranjit Kannappan, one of our
attractiveness scholarship student in the AIMA specialisation of the MSc OIVM, did his master's thesis at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes (LS2N), in western France. The LS2N is a joint research laboratory under the administration of and in partnership with the University of Nantes, the CNRS, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, IMT Atlantique and Inria.

He did research on a framework that can facilitate the sustainable oriented decisions, aimed at reducing negative economic, environmental and social impacts in selected parts of manufacturing systems.

The extensive research training and knowledge I gained during my scientific masters have been invaluable in my internship. The research methodologies, analytical techniques and theoretical understanding that I acquired during my master studies have provided me with a solid foundation for conducting research in my internship. The research oriented mindset and skills I acquired during my masters have helped me prepare for a state of the Art publication in frameworks for sustainable manufacturing systems by the end of this internship.

Ranjit was welcomed by his supervisor who gave him a tour of the campus and introduced him to all members of the research team. He felt valued and included right from the start.

Ranjit graduated from the MSc OIVM in the AIMA specialisation. We wish him success for his future endeavours!