Steve PAPA and the SAINBIOSE team publish in Scientific Report

On The September 25, 2023

LASIMP project - Publication - Scientific Reports 13 - Sept 2023 - Steve Papa (UJM)
LASIMP project - Publication - Scientific Reports 13 - Sept 2023 - Steve Papa (UJM)

Steve Papa, PhD student at the SAINBIOSE lab working on the LASIMP project, publishes a new article on bacterial surface adhesion in Scientific Report 13

Steve and the LASIMP project team have published a brand new article in Scientific Report. Our congratulations to the team and to Steve, who will soon defend his thesis.

Dental implant failure is primarily due to peri-implantitis, a consequence of bacterial biofilm formation. Bacterial adhesion is strongly linked to micro-/nano-topographies of a surface; thus an assessment of surface texture parameters is essential to understand bacterial adhesion. In this study, mirror polished titanium samples (Ti6Al4V) were irradiated with a femtosecond laser (fs-L) at a wavelength of 1030 nm (infrared) with variable laser parameters (laser beam polarization, number, spacing and organization of the impacts). Images of 3-D topographies were obtained by focal variation microscopy and analyzed with MountainsMap software to measure surface parameters. From bacteria associated with peri-implantitis, we selected Porphyromonas gingivalis to evaluate its adhesion on Ti6Al4V surfaces in an in vitro study. Correlations between various surface parameters and P. gingivalis adhesion were investigated. We discovered that Sa value, a common measure of surface roughness, was not sufficient in describing the complexity of these fs-L treated surfaces and their bacterial interaction. We found that Sku, density and mean depths of the furrows, were the most accurate parameters for this purpose. These results provide important information that could help anticipate the bacterial adhesive properties of a surface based on its topographic parameters, thus the development of promising laser designed biofunctional implants.

Papa, S., Maalouf, M., Claudel, P. et al. Key topographic parameters driving surface adhesion of Porphyromonas gingivalis. Sci Rep 13, 15893 (2023).