BIIO Laboratory

Biology, Engineering and Imaging for Ophthalmology

The BIIO lab was created fifteen years ago by the tandem of ophthalmologist-surgeons, Pr. Philippe GAIN (Director of the Laboratory) and Gilles THURET (co-Director). The laboratory focuses its research on the biology of the endothelium, storage, imaging, and corneal graft engineering (in collaboration with the Kyoto team). In a constant translational concern, BIIO combines fundamental and applicative aspects "from the cell to the laboratory, from the graft to the corneal bank, up to the transplanted patient, and through the industry". It brings together researchers and students from the medical field (ophthalmology, microbiology, pathological anatomy, eye banking, etc.) and the sciences (cell biology, optics, laser physics and optics, engineering, etc.). Multiple technologies transfer allowed to create the spin-off SINCLER on the corneal active storage machine and the start-up Keranova on the cataract surgery by using a robotic laser.



The BIIO is working on a bioengineering project whose aim is to fight against corneal blindness (3rd cause worldwide) by exploiting human bank waste tissues. This project is realized in collaboration with two teams mastering laser technologies:
  • The EquipEx Manutech-USD: it has a strong expertise in functionalization by surface texturing (surfacing) thanks to femtosecond lasers coupled to an ultra-fast and high-precision mechanical environment, and in the characterization of surfaces via a multimodal and multiscale non-destructive imaging platform (from µm to nm scale)
  • The Hubert Curien laboratory: its works are based on optics, photonics and surfaces, image and date sciences, and security. The research activities are structured in different project-teams around: "micro and nano structuring", "radiation-matter interactions", "image understanding and analysis", "data intelligence", "secure embedded systems and material architectures".


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