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Three of our Graduate students awarded by the UJM Foundation

On The October 18, 2023

Marie Traynar (LabHC), Louse Coulomb (BiiO) and Pauline Guillot (SAINBIOSE) - UJM
Marie Traynar (LabHC), Louse Coulomb (BiiO) and Pauline Guillot (SAINBIOSE) - UJM

Marie Traynar (LabHC), Louise Coulomb (BiiO) and Pauline Guillot (SAINBIOSE) awarded for the excellence of their studies.

They were heads of the year during their studies, they did their master at Jean Monnet University and are now carrying out their PhD in three of our partner labs. Congratulations to them!

Marie Traynar, former master student in the Photonics Engineering track of the OIVM master degree, did her internship at CERN between France and Switzerland. She was an excellent student and intern and various research teams wanted to work with her. She finally chose to collaborate with Yves Jourlin's Functional Materials and Surfaces team at the Hubert Curien lab for her PhD.
She has been the President of the Manutech-SLEIGHT student association (ASESLEIGHT) and of the OPTICA student chapter since their creation last year.

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Louise Coulomb, former master student in the Health Engineering master degree, has chosen to work with Philippe Gain's team at the BiiO lab. She works on bioengineering of the cornea, using femtosecond lasers. She did various internships in Saint-Etienne's research lab before her PhD (SAINBIOSE, BiiO,...).

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Pauline Guillot chose the BioMedical Engineering master degree and joined later the SAINBIOSE lab to do her PhD on sleep apnea, in partnership with Gérontopôle (public structure working on the challenges of ageing).

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