Student Life

Aidar Gaffarov, MLDM master student, talks about his experience with Manutech-SLEIGHT

On The October 27, 2022

Aidar Gaffarov, 2nd year student in the MLDM master degree (Machine Learning and Data Mining), talks about his experience coming to live in Saint-Etienne

Which university did you come from and in which domain did you get your bachelor’s degree?
I’m from the Kazan Federal University, in Kazan, Russia. I did my bachelor’s degree in computer science and in particular computer science-aided design.
Why did you choose the MLDM master program?
This program is a good combination of theorical and practical studies. Almost every teacher here is doing research at the Hubert Curien lab so it’s a great opportunity to get full knowledge at my level. It’s also necessary, I think, because the science is evolving very fast.
Did you choose France for a reason?
At first, I applied in master programs in Germany and France. But in the end, I chose France for the language. I didn’t know either of the languages but I preferred learning French.
What is you experience with the master courses and the uni?
I found it very agreeable to study here, in general. It’s not too hard. If you have experience in computer science, you can easily make it. If you don’t come from a technical university, it will be harder but with enough work, you can also make it. When I arrived, I had gaps in theory classes but professors helped me improve my knowledge. What I like the most is the classes with Marc Sebban* which specialise in Machine Learning.
Where did you do your first internship?
The internship opportunities are great: the master programme makes sure you have enough experience to find your first job. I did my first internship at the Hubert Curien lab during the summer. I worked on neural networks.
What is your experience with the graduate school?
I got a scholarship with Manutech-SLEIGHT. It helps me a lot. My parents don’t worry about me because I have aid. It helps me learn more French, pay my rent, etc.
I liked the last SLEIGHT Science Event. Even though photonics is not my area, I liked very much to be able to attend lectures on deep learning and I really appreciated the workshop led by Marc Sebban. I also participated, I did a pitch. It was a good exercise for me because I’m not very comfortable with oral presentations. I was very stressed though.
Where do you want to go next?
I want to work in the industry for two or three years and I will perhaps do a PhD after that. Or do a PhD first, I’m not sure yet but I have time to think about it.