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VEZPA - Research project

VErsatile ZnO-based Plasmonics semiconducting substrates for biomedical Applications

Post-doctoral fellow: Promod Kumar


The VEZPA project focuses on the fabrication of versatile, reusable ZnO-based substrates for biomedical applications. Substrates are made of ZnO nanorods, grown on the surface of a glass or silicon wafer and decorated by metal nanoparticles (Ag, Au, Cu). This material will thus combine the semi-conducting properties of ZnO and the plasmonic properties of the metal nanoparticles, which should lead to a versatile and multifunctional substrate that will further be used for the detection of biomedical species. The growth of the ZnO nanorods will be achieved by chemical bath deposition, leading to 3D structuration of the surface of the substrate. Metal nanoparticles will agglomerate on the ZnO nanorods, which will be immersed in metallic molten salts. The SERS sensitivity of the substrates will be compared to that of commercially available SERS substrates together with their reusable character.