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MONBONE - Research project

SPR-based sensors for monitoring in vitro bone models

Post-doctoral fellow: Sarabjeet KAUR


The use of animal models is the gold standard in biology for both basic and applied research. However, the use of animal models entails high costs in terms of both human and financial resources and also important ethical issues. In addition, the major physiological and metabolic differences between the adopted animals and humans often make these models irrelevant for pharmacological studies.
The existing bone tissue models are still rudimentary. In this context, an innovative perfused 3D culture system allowing to achieve controlled, standardized and simplified culture of bone tissue models was designed and patented within SAINBIOSE. Implementing real-time, non-destructive analysis techniques would drastically reduce the number of samples needed to obtain statistically significant results over relevant culture periods. Biosensors are particularly interesting tools for these applications. As part of the MonBone project, we want to study the complementarity of biosensors based, on the one hand, on a technology based on surface modification induced by light such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and, on the other hand, on organic electrochemical transistors (OECT). The biosensors will be used to analyze proteins secreted by stem cells derived from human bone marrow during their cycle of differentiation into bone cells. Highly selective and sensitive biosensors will target specific analytes, via their functionalization with appropriate bio-recognition elements, and will be integrated into the automated culture platform. The project brings together local and international partners with highly complementary expertise.


No publication available yet.