Symposium / Seminar

SSE #7 Manutech-SLEIGHT in 2022

From January 10, 2022 to January 14, 2022

The 7th edition of the SLEIGHT Science Event will take place at the Manufacture from January 10th to January 14th.

As an essential ingredient in bringing together graduate education and research, most of the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School master programme agenda has been dedicated to the SSE, when the programme remains of interest to the whole Manutech-SLEIGHT community:
  • Eight distinguished guest lecturers with internationally recognized expertise in their fields have kindly agreed to deliver a keynote lecture. They will cover a variety of subjects of interest to Manutech-SLEIGHT: system design for laser machining, dynamics of ultrafast laser-surface interaction processes, diagnosis through time resolved electron microscopy, diffractive optics, micro-optics and nanophotonics, metamaterials applied to chemistry and biology, but also the use of machine learning approaches in physics as well as the use of synchrotron radiation to explore osteocyte processes. There will be time for discussion at the end of each conference.
  • A focus on innovation will be offered in collaboration with the Lyon-Saint-Étienne incubator and innovation accelerator PULSALYS, including a panel discussion and presentations by selected start-up companies resulting from Manutech-SLEIGHT members’ laboratory research.
  • As an important component in the Manutech-SLEIGHT networking opportunities, the younger members of the consortium will be given the floor in three additional sessions: a “pitch” session where master students can report on their latest directed research projects, a session for doctoral students who will have an opportunity to present some early results of their thesis work and a session for post-doctoral fellows who bring their personal touch to the Manutech-SLEIGHT laboratory research projects.
  • As an addition to the Manutech-SLEIGHT landscape, there is currently a plan to start a Manutech-SLEIGHT student association that could apply for the status of a Student Chapter in Learned Societies. One time slot has been scheduled for a presentation and a discussion of the project.
Awards will be presented for the best pitch, the best doctoral student presentation and the best post-doctoral fellow presentation. In addition, the first “Manutech-SLEIGHT Certificate”, a diploma supplement awarded to Manutech-SLEIGHT master students in recognition of special participation in the Graduate School activities, will be handed to their recipients during the award ceremony at the end of the week. As usual in the SLEIGHT Science Events, each of the three Manutech-SLEIGHT’s research axes will offer a half-day meeting on their current work and thereby foster future collaboration within the consortium.