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SSE #12 - Imaging in Manutech-SLEIGHT

The Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School will hold its 12th SLEIGHT Science Event from July 8th to 10th, 2024 in Saint-Etienne (Telecom Saint Etienne Building, Campus Manufacture), bringing together researchers and students from the Saint-Etienne Lyon site. The speakers will focus on the topic of "Imaging in Manutech-SLEIGHT".



  • Chair Scientific : Lucian ROIBAN (INSA Lyon - Lab. MATEIS)
  • Olivier BEUF (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 2 - CNRS - Lab. CREATIS)
  • Laurence VICO (Leader of Sc. Axis 3 - Inserm - Lab. SAINBIOSE)
  • Corinne FOURNIER (UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Andras BORBELY (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 1 - Mines Saint-Etienne - LGF)
  • Florent BOURQUARD (Co-chair of the Junior Scientist session - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Jean-Philippe COLOMBIER (Leader of Sc. Axis 1 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Laurent DUBOST (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 3 - IREIS-HEF Groupe)
  • Laurent GREMILLARD (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 1 - INSA Lyon - Lab. MATEIS)
  • Donata IANDOLO (Co-chair of the Junior Scientist session - INSERM - Lab. SAINBIOSE)
  • Yves JOURLIN (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 3 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Guilhem MOLLON (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 2 - INSA Lyon - Lab. LAMCOS)
  • Marc SEBBAN (Leader of Sc. Axis 2 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)


For this 12th edition of the SLEIGHT Science Event, the Graduate School is proud to announce the participation of experts :

  • Sorina POP (CNRS, Lab. CREATIC, Lyon)
  • Emmanuel BRUN (Inserm, Lab. Strobe, Grenoble)
  • Renaud PODOR (CNRS, ICSM Marcoule, L2ME, Bagnols-sur-Cèze)
  • Philippe STEYER (INSA Lyon, Lab. MatéIS, Lyon)
  • Ruth SIMS (Inserm, Institute of Vision, Paris)
  • Olivier HAEBERLE (Lab. IRIMAS, Mulhouse)


- Visits of the equipments are planned on Monday, 8th and Tuesday 9th July. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the NEOARM Transmission Electron Microscope and the Biomedical Imaging, digital histology and spatialomic Facility.
- On Tuesday, July 9th, young researchers will have the opportunity to present their ongoing work during the "Junior Scientists" Session. The best oral presentations will be awarded on Wednesday, 10th July between 11:30 and 13:30.
- The Sudent Chapter OPTICA / ASE SLEIGHT and Student Branch IEEE will organize an activity called "Chapter Connect: A Student Get-Together"
- A Social Event will be organized on Tuesday, July 9th at Maison Hatier, 7 Rue de la Richelandière in Saint-Etienne. The event includes a visit of the iconic site of Maison Hatier and a gathering of all the participants around a cocktail.

* Please note that the persons coming from outside the Manutech-SLEIGHT consortium will need to fill the "paid registration from" that gives access to all the sessions from 8th to 10th July including coffee breaks, lunches, cocktails, equipment visits & the Social Event.