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SLEIGHT Science Event #6 - Machine Learning

5th to 9th July, 2021
Campus Manufacture Saint-Etienne
Université Jean Monnet - SAINT-ETIENNE

Machine Learning has received a tremendous success during the past years in a large spectrum of scientific fields, far beyond the computer science community, thanks to its ability to address real world problems by learning from data.

After a general introduction to statistical machine learning, the objective of this interdisciplinary week will be to allow non-expert attendees to get a good grasp at some hot-topics currently studied by the machine learning community: transfer learning, optimal transport, deep learning, learning from imbalanced/imperfect data (20h of courses).
The targeted audience encompasses explicitly the whole domain of interest of Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School, including master students and PhD students, as well as permanent researchers who want to benefit for their own research in surface-light engineering from the recent advances in machine learning.
The program will also include a Pitch and PhD sessions. Master students will have the opportunity to "pitch" on their academic projects/internships in the SLEIGHT area. Doctoral students will be invited to give short presentations on some recent reearch result. At the end of the week, the scientific axes#1 and #3 of Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School will organize a half-day workshop devoted to research projects in progress and prospective discussions.

The steering Commitee is pleased to invite you to the 6th SLEIGHT Science Event of the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School

Steering Committee:

  • Chair : Pierre CHAVEL (Head - Manutech-SLEIGHT Educational Committee - IOGS)
  • Florence GARRELIE (Head - Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School, UJM)
  • Karine MASENELLI VARLOT (Head - Manutech-SLEIGHT Scientific Committee, INSA Lyon)
  • Cécile ETIENNE (Project Manager - Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School - UJM)
  • Aurélie HIBON POTEL (Assistant - Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School - UJM)
Program Committee:
  • Chair : Marc SEBBAN (Leader of Sc. Axis 2 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Olivier BEUF (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 2 - CNRS - Lab. CREATIS)
  • Andras BORBELY (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 1 - Mines Saint-Etienne - LGF)
  • Valéry BOTTON (Co-chair of the C1 and C2 sessions - INSA Lyon - LMFA)
  • Jean-Philippe COLOMBIER (Leader of Sc. Axis 1 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Laurent DUBOST (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 3 - IREIS-HEF Groupe)
  • Anthony GRAVOUIL (Co-chair of the C1 and C2 sessions - INSA Lyon - Lab. LAMCOS)
  • Laurent GREMILLARD (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 1 - INSA Lyon - Lab. MATEIS)
  • Thomas GRENIER (Co-chair of PhD session - INSA Lyon - Lab. CREATIS)
  • Mathieu HEBERT (Co-chair of PhD session - UJM -Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • François JACQUENET (Chair of Pitch session - UJM Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Yves JOURLIN (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 3 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Guilhem MOLLON (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 2 - INSA Lyon - Lab. LAMCOS)
  • Corinne PASQUIER (Chair of the sessions MINALOGIC)
  • Laurence VICO (Leader of Sc. Axis 3 - INSERM - Lab. SAINBIOSE)