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A dynamic and innovative area

The Manutech SLEIGHT’s consortium works in close collaboration with the socio-economic players of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region:
  • MINALOGIC, a competitive cluster for digital technologies;
  • CIMES, a competitive cluster for the design, production and integration of intelligent mechanical systems;
  • The FrenchTech One Lyon-Saint-Etienne, which promotes the emergence and growth of start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs in the region;
  • PULSALYS, the technology acceleration and transfer company for the Lyon-Saint-Etienne site.
  • Novéka, cluster of companies specialised in the development of medical device.


During our annual SLEIGHT Science Events, students and researchers have the opportunity to freely meet with stakeholders, and exchange with researchers and entrepreneurs of the private sector.
  • SSE6_CompanyExperiences_Microlight3D
    Denis BARBIER, CEO, Microlight3D © UJM - Microlight3D
  • SSE6_CompanyExperiences_Neovision
    Lucas NACSA CEO, Neovision © UJM - Neovision
  • SSE6_CompanyExperiences_OptoFrance
    Simon DESAGE Research & Innovation Director, Opto France © UJM - Opto France
  • SSE6_CompanyExperiences_TIAMA
    Julien FOUILLOUX Image Processing and Data Science Manager, TIAMA © UJM - Tiama