Vincent Duveiller graduated from an engineering degree in Theoretical and Applied Optics delivered by the Institut d’Optique Graduate School, and a master’s degree in Advanced Imaging and Material Appearance delivered by Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne France in 2020. He is now a PhD student at the Hubert Curien Laboratory, modelling the interactions between light and matter for predicting the appearance of dental repairs made of translucent dental resins. His areas of expertise include optical models for light scattering, the metrology of appearance, colour science and optical design.


Through my work, I seek to improve the predictive capabilities of optical models to more accurately predict the colour of dental repairs in order to allow for more aesthetic and accessible repairs. To this aim, I have implemented 2-flux and 4-flux optical models predicting the colour of monolithic dental repairs for different clinical situations encountered by dentists.
In addition, I am keen to make my work applicable to other translucent materials, as the appearance of these materials is very complex to predict, even with sophisticated optical measuring devices. Especially, other tissues in the human body share this characteristic such as the skin or the eye, and accurate predictive optical models would allow for more aesthetic prosthesis.