Rehan obtained his bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University Grenoble Alpes in 2018. Then, he was admitted to Grenoble INP Phelma engineering shcool and joined the Biomedical Engineering department. He conducted his final study project at Gipsa-lab in Grenoble, working on Machine Learning for the recognition of micro-expressions. In 2020, he obtained his Biomedical Engineering diploma as well as a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Nano-biology. Finally, he started his PhD project in February 2021, at the Hubert Curien Laboratory, on the subject of Deep Learning for super-resolution of CT images with the objective to better characterize astronauts bone degradation due to space exposure.


I always wanted to work in the research area, that's why I started studying Physics. As I had a certain interest in Medicine, I decided to study Biomedical Engineering. I learned towards Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing fields during my two years at Phelma.
I strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence can be beneficial for Medical Imaging and that is why I was seduced by this thesis proposal mixing the two areas. Besides, as most of the companies are looking for experts with a PhD in Data Science, I assume that carrying out this PhD would help me to find better opportunities to work on Data Science in companies or laboratories in the future.