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MOTOM - Research project

Magnetic field steering Of the Thermo-chromic behavior Of Micro-structured surfaces

PhD student: Hai HOANG (ED SIS)


The MOTOM project deals with the design, realization and study of microstructured surfaces exhibiting a magneto-chromic behavior : magnetic field steering of their ability to transmit or reflect light. The thermal power of magnetic nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in a composite material will be used to activate the thermo-chromic transition of vanadium dioxyde (VO2), through thermal transfert between both materials. MOTOM will be led in the frame of a new cooperation between two laboratories : the Hubert Curien lab in charge of the experimantal part, and the Georges Friedel lab in charge of the numerical simulation regarding thermal transfert. Beyond applications in the field of functionnal optical surfaces, or biological micro-platforms with localized heating, MOTOM plans to explore the direct magnetic steering of VO2 transition, as well as the measurment of the NPs proper temperature through magneto-optical analysis.