Julie Dutems started her studies with the preparatory class of Telecom Saint-Etienne engineering school, in collaboration with the electronics and informatics department of the technological institute of Saint-Etienne. She continued her engineering studies and specialized in photonics and industrial vision. She did her master’s thesis on the SURPLAS project, funded by Manutech-SLEIGHT, before choosing to continue her studies with a PhD in photonics and electrochemistry at Hubert Curien Laboratory.



I was lucky to start working on this subject during my internship on the SURPLAS project which led to this thesis. The first thing that attracted me with this project is its interdisciplinary aspect, combining optics and electrochemistry, which is very stimulating. In my thesis, I do experiments to make my samples on an optical bench. I also design my experimental set-up and code to process my data. I teach at the university in parallel. It is impossible to get bored, as the different needs and aspects of my project are very different! Since I work in two laboratories with different research activities, I have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of different teams and participate in different approaches of research.
I do not have a precise idea yet about what I want to do after my PhD, but I would probably want to work in a research and development company.”