Calls for projects and thesis certification

To promote the emergence of new projects carried out by partner research laboratories, Manutech-SLEIGHT supports research at the highest level of excellence and demonstrating interdisciplinarity and a collaborative approach.

Once a year, the Graduate School launches:
  • A Call for projects with financial support for:
    • 36-month projects with a funding for a doctoral contract
    • 12 or 18-month projects with a funding for a post-doctoral fellowship
    • 4 to 6-month projects with a funding for a master student internship
  • A Call for thesis certification with financial support for operational expenses to implement a thesis project.
The supported research projects are at the interface of Manutech-SLEIGHT’s research domains and address at least one of the scientific axes of the Graduate School. These interdisciplinary projects allow new external cooperation and strengthen collaborations within and outside the Manutech-SLEIGHT consortium.