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Publications and participation to conferences


The contribution of our Masters and PhD students, as well as our post-doctoral fellows, is shown in bold.


  • Brandao, E., Nakhoul, A., Duffner, S., Emonet, R., Garrelie, F., Habrard, A., Jacquenet, F., Pigeaon, F., Sebban, M. & Colombier, J.-P. (2023). Learning Complexity to Guide Light-Induced Self-Organized Nanopatterns. Physical Review Letters, 130(22), 226201.
  • Fournier, S., Chevalier, J., Baeza, G. P., Chaput, C., Louradour, E., Sainsot, P., Cavoret, J., Reveron, H. Ceria-stabilized zirconia-based composites printed by stereolithography: Impact of the processing method on the ductile behaviour and its transformation features, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Volume 43, Issue 7, 2023, Pages 2894-2906, ISSN 0955-2219.
  • Duveiller, V., Clerc, R., Eymard, J., Salomon, J.-P., Hébert, M., Performance of two-flux and four-flux models for predicting the spectral reflectance and transmittance factors of flowable dental resin composites, Dental Materials, 39, Issue 8 (2023): 743-755.
  • Borbély, A., Aoufi, A. and Becht, D. X-ray methods for strain energy evaluation of dislocated crystals. J. Appl. Cryst., 56 (2023): 254-262.
  • Bruhier, H.; Dutems, J.; Laffont, E.; Crespomonteiro, N.; Verrier, I.; Parriaux, O.; Berini, P.; Jourlin, Y. Common-Mode Plasmon Sensing Scheme as a High Sensitivity Compact SPR Sensor. Optics letters, 2023.
  • Gautheron, A., Sdika, M., Guyotat, J., Picart, T., Alston, L., et al.. Experimental decorrelation requirement for robust estimation of fluorophores using multiple-wavelength excitation fluorescence spectroscopy. SPIE; SPIE, pp.87, 2023.


  • Nakhoul, A., Rudenko, A., Maurice, C., Reynaud, S., Garrelie, F., Pigeon, F., & Colombier, J. P.,  Boosted Spontaneous Formation of High‐Aspect Ratio Nanopeaks on Ultrafast Laser‐Irradiated Ni Surface. Advanced Science, (2022) 2200761.
  • Papa, S., Abou Khalil, A., Hamzeh-Cognasse, H., Thomas, M., Maalouf, M., Di Maio, Y., Sedao, X., Guignandon, A., Dumas, V., Dual-functionalized titanium by ultrafast laser texturing to enhance human gingival fibroblasts adhesion and minimize Porphyromonas gingivalis colonization, Appl. Surf. Sci. 606 (2022) 154784.
  • Maalouf, M., Abou Khalil, A., Di Maio, Y., Papa, S., Sedao, X., Dalix, E., Peyroche, S., Guignandon, A., Dumas, V. Polarization of Femtosecond Laser for Titanium Alloy Nanopatterning Influences Osteoblastic Differentiation. Nanomaterials. 2022; 12(10):1619.
  • Faraz, K., Grenier, T., Ducottet, C. et al. Deep learning detection of nanoparticles and multiple object tracking of their dynamic evolution during in situ ETEM studies. Sci Rep 12, 2484 (2022).
  • Pallarés-Aldeiturriaga, D., Papa, S., Abou Khalil, A. et al. Influence of multi-wavelength ultrafast laser texturing and autoclave sterilization on titanium alloy-based surface wettability. Appl. Phys. A 128, 894 (2022).
  • Nakhoul, A., Maurice, C., Faure, N. et al. Tailoring the surface morphology of Ni at the nanometric scale by ultrashort laser pulses. Appl. Phys. A 128, 933 (2022).
  • Brandao, E., Colombier, J.-P., Duffner, S., Emonet, R., Garrelie, F., Habrard, A., Jacquenet, F., Nakhoul, A., Sebban, M., Learning PDE to Model Self-Organization of Matter. Entropy. 2022; 24(8):1096.
  • Duveiller, V., Kim, E., Locquet, M., Gautheron, A., Clerc, R., Salomon, J.-P., Hébert, M., Predictions of the Reflectance Factor of Translucent Layered Dental Resin Composites Using Two-Flux Models: assessing the importance of the interface reflectance parameter interface reflectance parameter, Colour and Visual Computing Symposium (CVCS 2022), vol. 3271, 2022. ISSN 1613-0073


  • Rudenko, A., Colombier, J.-P., Itina, T. E., Stoian, R., Genesis of Nanogratings in Silica Bulk via Multipulse Interplay of Ultrafast Photo-Excitation and Hydrodynamics. Adv. Optical Mater. 2021, 9, 2100973.
  • Nakhoul, A., Maurice, C., Agoyan, M., Rudenko, A., Garrelie, F., Pigeon, F., Colombier, J.-P. Self-Organization Regimes Induced by Ultrafast Laser on Surfaces in the Tens of Nanometer Scales. Nanomaterials 2021, 11, 1020.
  • Bouchot, A., Ferrieux, A., Debayle, J., Mollon, G., Descartes, S., Image processing applied to tribological dry contact analysis, Wear, vol. 476 (2021), 203748.
  • Nakhoul, A. , Rudenko, A., Sedao,  X., Peillon, N., Colombier, J. P., Maurice, C., Blanc, G., Borbély, A., Faure, N., Kermouche, G., Energy feedthrough and microstructure evolution during direct laser peening of aluminum in femtosecond and picosecond regimes. J. Appl. Phys. 7 July 2021; 130 (1): 015104.
  • Bouchot, A., Ferrieux-Paquet, A., Descartes, S., Mollon, G., Debayle, J., "Towards a quantitative characterization of wear particles using image analysis and machine learning," Proc. SPIE 11794, Fifteenth International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision, 1179416 (16 July 2021).
  • Faraz, K., Grenier, T., Ducottet, C., Epicier, T. A machine Learning pipeline to track dynamics of a population of nanoparticles during in situ Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy in gases. M&M2021, Microscopy Society of America (MSA), Aug 2021, Pittsburgh, United States, ⟨hal-03271239⟩ 
  • Epicier, T., Faraz, K., Grenier, T. Ducottet, C., Multiple Object Tracking of Supported Nanoparticles during in situ Environmental TEM Studies of Nanocatalysts. Microscience Microscopy Congress (mmc) 2021, Royal Microscopy Society (RMS, UK), Jul 2021, Manchester (online), United Kingdom. ⟨hal-03271194⟩


  • Klos, A., Sedao, X., Itina, T.E., Helfenstein-Didier, C., Donnet, C., Peyroche, S., Vico, L., Guignandon, A., Dumas, V. Ultrafast Laser Processing of Nanostructured Patterns for the Control of Cell Adhesion and Migration on Titanium Alloy. Nanomaterials 2020, 10, 864.


  • Stoian, R., Bhuyan, M.K., Rudenko, A., Colombier, J.-P., Cheng G., High-resolution material structuring using ultrafast laser, ADVANCES IN PHYSICS: X 2019, VOL. 4, NO. 1, 1659180.


The contribution of our graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in international and national conferences as guests is shown in bold.


  • S. Fournier, "Ceramic stereolithography paste rheology: structural evolution under shear and vibration fluidification effect", ECerS 2023, 2-6 July2023 - Lyon, France
  • R. Stoian, Ultrafast non-diffractive beams; opportunities for advanced laser material processing, PLI 2022, 28-29/06/2023, St. Etienne, France
  • Omeje, I. S. and Itina, "Numerical Study of Early Oxidation Effect on Wettability of Laser-treated Surface" 9th Nanotech & Nanomaterials Research Conference, June 12-14, 2023, Rome, Italy. Poster presentation


  • I. S. Omeje, T. Itina, “Multiscale Simulation of Laser-Textured Surface Wettability: Toward Understanding the Role of Surface Oxidation and Molecular Adsorption” Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM10) in Baltimore, USA, 2nd - 7th, October, 2022. Oral Presentation
  • Papa S., Maalouf M., Thomas M., Eyraud MA., Cognasse H., Claudel P., Di Maio Y., Sedao X, , Guignandon A. & Dumas V. Femtosecond lasers Fonctionalised titanium surfaces For dental implants application 32nd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) Bordeaux Septembre 2022
  • K. Faraz, T. Grenier, C. Ducottet, T. Epicier. "Intelligent tracking of catalytic nanoparticles trajectories during in situ ETEM experiments". Webinar invité, DENSsolutions, 22/06/2022.
  • R. Stoian, Ultrafast non-diffractive beams with tunable dispersion; opportunities for smart laser material processing, ICLPR-ST 2022, 7-10 June 2022 - Bucarest, Romania
  • J.-P. Colombier, M. Prudent, D. Iabbaden, A. Nakhoul, A. Rudenko, F. Bourquard, F. Garrelie, "Topographical, Structural and Chemical Nanopatterning of Ultrafast Laser Irradiated Surfaces", CLEO US Conference, 15-19 May 2022 - San Jose, California, USA
  • K. Faraz, T. Grenier, C. Ducottet, T. Epicier. Intelligent tracking of catalytic nanoparticles trajectories during in situ ETEM experiments. Conférence invitée à MRS Spring Meeting, 8-13 May 2022, Honolulu, United States
  • R. Jhuboo, I. Redko, A.Guignandon, F. Peyrin, M. Sebban, "Topology and Morphometry Guided Super-Resolution of Bone Microstructure CT Imaging", 22ème Journées Françaises de Biologie des Tissus Minéaralisés (JFBTM), 27-29 April 2022 - La Baule-Escoublac, France
  • A. Nakhoul, C. Maurice, S. Reynaud, F. Garrelie, F. Pigeon, and J.-P. Colombier, "Surface morphologies at nanometric scale by temporal and polarization control of ultrashort laser pulses", 16th International Conference on Laser Ablation - COLA 2021/2022, 24-29 April 2022 - Matsue, Japan
  • R. Stoian, Non-diffractive ultrafast laser beams for advanced material processing, FemtoMat 2022, 16-18 March 2022 - Mauterndorf, Austria
  • A. Nakhoul, C. Maurice, S. Reynaud, F. Garrelie, F. Pigeon, and J.-P. Colombier, "Surface morphologies at nanometric scale by temporal and polarization control of ultrashort laser pulses", Proc. SPIE PC11988, Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XXVII, PC119880C (1 April 2022);


  • V. Duveiller, "Predicting the Reflectance and Transmittance of Translucent Dental Resins", IS&T Seminar Series, 27 November 2021 - Online