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PhD offer: Mathieu Hébert (LabHC) and Damien Muselet (LabHC) are seeking a PhD candidate

On The January 18, 2024

The Image team of the Hubert Curien laboratory is recruiting a PhD candidate to work on surfaces gloss measurement

Mathieu Hébert (LabHC), specialized in advanced imaging and material appearance, and Damien Muselet (LabHC), specialized in Computer Science, are recruting a PhD candidate interested in working on a gloss scanner for appearance analysis of surfaces.
The challenge of the thesis proposed at the Hubert Curien laboratory is to be able to measure the gloss of curved, striated or grained surfaces using an innovative imaging system. Applications in the industrial fields of leather, textiles (silk, etc.) and cosmetics (skin, hair, etc.) are considered.

Duration: 3 years
Start date: October 2024