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The Sainbiose and Hubert Curien labs are recruiting a post-doctoral fellow

On The February 10, 2023

The MonBone research project is hiring his next post-doctoral fellow

"With the MonBone project, the Sainbiose and Hubert Curien laboratories aim to develop SPR-based sensors targeting the RANKL and sclerostin biomarkers. The aim is to compare the performances obtained with the two technologies and to evaluate their possible complementarity and integrability."

Duration: 12 months
Location: Saint-Etienne (Sainbiose and Hubert Curien labs)
Yearly gross salary: 32 000€
Contact: Donata Iandolo - donata.iandolo@univ-st-etienne.fr / Yves Jourlin - yves.jourlin@univ-st-etienne.fr

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