Training through research

We train our master students as future scientists, researchers and engineers. In addition to getting fundamental knowledge, they will attend practical courses in laboratory and develop research projects. As a part of their training through research, master students will carry out two mandatory internships in a research laboratory or a private company, where they will be able to develop a research project with the help of a researcher.

All graduate students participate in the SLEIGHT Science events every year. These biannual events are designed to foster interaction between scientists and students. Internationally-renowned scientist give keynotes lectures. Master students have twice a year the opportunity to present their work during dedicated sessions for pitches on a research project or their internship. These scientific events offer also the opportunity to share with PhD students and post-doctoral fellows in laboratories.

We encourage master students to prepare for the Manutech-SLEIGHT Certificate. This label recognises the involvement of students in the graduate school’s scientific activities, an added value for students who wish to pursue a PhD course or integrate a R&D service in a company and boost up their CV.