Science events

Twice a year, all students participate in the SLEIGHT Science events, designed to enhance their knowledge and skills, provide them the opportunity to learn more about the world of scientific research and meet internationally renowned scientists. These events are also a privileged time to discuss/exchange with researchers, doctoral students as well as professionals from the private sector.

During the January event, all the Manutech-SLEIGHT’s topics are covered while specific themes and problematics are addressed during the summer edition. Master students, student engineers and PhD students are invited to be, not only participants, but also contributors of these events. They have the possibility to present their ongoing work, whether it is the result of an internship or the progress of a thesis.

Students will also attend other scientific conferences as part of their training, to get a glimpse of what could be their future in fundamental research or in the R&D sector. Manutech-SLEIGHT sponsors various events on the Saint-Etienne - Lyon area, related to SLEIGHT's research domains. Attend these events and write summaries of scientific lectures and talks is also a step into the prepration of the Manutech-SLEIGHT Certificate.