ED 488 SIS - Science, Engineering, Health

Located in Saint-Étienne, the Science, Engineering, Health doctoral school (ED SIS) is a multidisciplinary doctoral school which mainly covers the fields of engineering sciences, information and communication sciences and technologies, health and biology, and particular fields such as applied mathematics or earth sciences.

Its missions are to:
  • Implement a policy of selecting doctoral students based on explicit and public criteria;
  • Ensure the quality of the supervision of doctoral students by the research units and teams;
  • Ensure compliance with the Thesis Charter and its implementation. The ED SIS ensures that doctoral students are able to prepare and defend their thesis in the best conditions;
  • Organise scientific and intellectual exchanges between doctoral students;
  • Offer doctoral students training useful to their research project and their professional project, as well as the training necessary for the acquisition of a broader scientific culture;
  • Organise follow-up and define support for the professional integration of doctoral students;
  • Provide a European and international opening, in connection with foreign higher education institutions and research centres, in particular by promoting international co-supervision theses.
The scientific policy of the SIS doctoral school is defined in coherence with that of its operating institutions: the Jean Monnet University, the Ecoles des Mines de Saint-Etienne and the Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne/Ecole Centrale de Lyon. The doctoral school is thus strongly multidisciplinary, covering the following fields and subfields.

The Science and Technology field with the following subfields
  • ST1: Mathematics and its interactions
  • ST2: Physics
  • ST3 : Earth and Universe Sciences
  • ST4: Chemistry
  • ST5 : Engineering Sciences
  • ST6: Information and Communication Sciences and Technology

The Life Sciences and Environment field with the following subfields
  • SVE1: Agronomy, Plant Biology, Ecology, Environment, Evolution
  • SVE2: Cell biology, imaging, molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics, systems biology, development, structural biology