After a PhD dedicated to better understand bone cells sensitivity to mechanical stresses (space conditions or hypergravity exposure) under the supervision of Pr Laurence VICO (SAINBIOSE laboratory) in 1997, Alain Guignandon was recruited as post-doc at Université de Liège, Belgium to investigate mechano-sensibility of cells and integrins sensing. As European Space Agency – ESA - fellow, he participated in two spaceflight missions (1997-1999). In 1998, he was recruited as Engineer (IE2) by Jean Monnet University, and as an Associate Professor in 2007. Alain Guignandon got his habilitation to lead research (HDR) in 2010, and has been teaching as a Professor, qualified in cell biology and biochemistry, since 2012 .



At Jean Monnet University
  • Medical school – 1st year student: Cell biology courses (30hrs)
  • Medical school – 2nd year student, cell biology and signaling (5hrs)
  • Bachelor of Sciences: BioEngineering courses and Ageing (10hrs)
  • Master Students (Health Engineering - Cellular and Tissular Engineering (120hrs)
At Claude Bernard - Lyon 1 University
  • Microgravity effects on bone physiology (MSc: Adaptation to Extreme environments, PICE, 5 hrs)


  • Life and deaths of cells, Mitochondria, Extracellular matrices, Imaging techniques, cell communications and signaling
  • Critical lecture of scientific articles (methodology, techniques, statistics and speculation)
  • Mechanobiology (from basics of the cytoskeleton dynamics to epigenetic regulations and mechanical memory)
  • 3D innovative culture techniques (organoides, bioprinting, organ-on-chips, iPS)
  • Bone Imaging (Xrays and photons)

  • Bone physiology under exercice and immobilization
  • Senescence and ageing of osteocytes

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