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The Hubert Curien Lab is recruiting a PhD student - 110723

On The July 11, 2023

Hubert Curien lab (UJM, CNRS, IOGS) - @UJM
Hubert Curien lab (UJM, CNRS, IOGS) - @UJM

The Hubert Curien lab is recruiting a PhD student with a CIFRE contract

The Hubert Curien lab offers a PhD stduent position with a CIFRE contract, industrial-academic partnership, with IREIS, the R&D department of HEF Groupe. The student will work on the "Elaboration of thin film coatings and laser processing for the customization of secure ID documents".

Expected candidate profile
Advanced knowledge in optics, photonics and material science
Experience in programming with Python (or similar)
Open-minded, curious and interested in working with both industry and academia
Ability to take initiatives and work in autonomy, good French writing and communication skills
At least B2 level in English

Funding: 3 years industrial contract
Application deadline: The first candidate that matches the expectations will be selected.
Start date of the proposed thesis: November 1st, 2023
Place: IREIS and Hubert Curien Laboratory are located in SAINT-ETIENNE, France

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