PhD offer: the SAINBIOSE lab seeks their new PhD student to work on the NANOTRAP project

On The October 16, 2023

The SAINBIOSE lab, in partnership with LTDS and the Hubert Curien lab, is seeking its new PhD student to work on the NANOTRAP research project, funded by the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School.


NANOTRAP - Implants surface functionalization with extracellular vesicles on femtosecond laser-generated nanostructures.

Metallic material functionalization with Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) is a desirable therapeutic approach to improve regenerative procedures. Due to their ability to transport/deliver bioactive molecules, scientific interest in the study of EVs has increased in tissue engineering and implantology. Evs functionalization of implants is depending on the ability of the surface to trap, preserve and released intact Evs.

The PhD project will consist in:
  1. Assisting nanotextures fabrication
  2. EVs production and characterization
  3. Evaluate Evs trapping/release efficacy
  4. Explore bio-functional effects (mainly in vitro and potentially in vivo)


Funding: 3-year doctoral contract funded by the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School
Duration: January 2024 – December 2026 (the starting and ending dates can be discussed)
Research consortium:


Please send motivation and recommendation letter(s) + CV to: