Laurent DUBOST

Laurent Dubost, an R&D project leader and research scientist, has been involved in private R&D activity of thin film vacuum deposition for 20 years. Following his PhD studies in collaboration with OC Oerlikon and the PICM laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique, he managed an international team of engineers developing plasma deposition reactors used for flat panel display mass production of thin film transistors. He is currently working at IREIS, the R&D division of HEF group.


In charge of establishing collaborative R&D projects and manage the associated activity focusing on thin film material for numerous applications. Optical coating for photonics application represent the largest activity of projects in the fields of concentrated solar (thermal: CSP) and thermochromics materials for aerospace applications, for instance.

  • Lectures on thin films deposition technologies (Université Jean Monnet Saint Etienne /IOGS)
  • He supervises, as co-director, PhD students and student engineers.


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