András Borbély obtained his PhD, his habilitation in Physics and his first tenure as a Professor, from the Eötvös Lorand Univeristy in Budapest, Hungary. He was a research group leader at Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf, Germany and a Visiting scientist at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, USA. He is now a Research Director at Georges Friedel Laboratory and teaches at Ecole des Mines of Saint-Etienne.


  • Lectures in Physics and Materials Science for master and doctoral students at MINES Saint-Etienne
  • Visiting professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology

  • Lectures for ICM students at MINES Saint-Etienne
    • Physical Properties of Solids
    • Tensor properties of crystals
    • Introduction to quantum computing
  • Lectures for master students
    • Basics of diffraction methods
    • Creep of materials
  • Lecture at the ED-SIS doctorate school
    • Application of X-ray diffraction and imaging in Material Science
  • Lectures at SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology
    • Fundamentals of Materials Science

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