Emmanuel MARIN

Emmanuel Marin (53) obtained his PhD in 2000. After a pos-doctoral position at Bath University (UK) in the Philip Russel Group, he joined the physics department of Université de Saint-Etienne for his teaching and the Hubert Curien lab for his research activity focused on the development of distributed or punctual fibre sensors. He investigated Bragg grating manufacturing either in optical fiber or in bulk glasses for 3D photonics. Since 2011, he has been developing these activities at the benefit of the nuclear and the aerospace industries.

  • Since 2008: Supervisor of the ‘Photonics Engineering’ master track of the OIVM Master degree.
  • 2012-2018: Head of the Physics department at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Jean Monnet University.

  • Scientific computing: Matlab, Labview, Python
  • Photonics lab
  • Guided optics
  • Advanced photonics technologies

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