The 6th edition of the SLEIGHT Science Event - SSE#6 - will held from 5th to 9th July, 2021.

Campus Manufacture Saint-Etienne
Université Jean Monnet - SAINT-ETIENNE

Join us for this 6th edition!
A very exciting program: 20h of courses on Machine Learning, 2 Scientific workshops on the Sc. Axis #1 and #3, Pitch & PhD Sessions, and 2 "Company experiences" sessions.

The steering Commitee is pleased to invite you to the SLEIGHT Science Event #6 of the MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School. FEW WORDS ON THE EVENT:

Machine Learning has received a tremendous success during the past years in a large spectrum of scientific fields, far beyond the computer science community, thanks to its ability to address real world problems by learning from data.

After a general introduction to statistical machine learning, the objective of this interdisciplinary week will be to allow non-expert attendees
to get a good grasp at some hot-topics currently studied by the machine learning community: transfer learning, optimal transport, deep learning, learning from imbalanced/imperfect data (20h of courses).

The targeted audience encompasses explicitly the whole domain of interest of MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School, including master students and PhD students, as well
as permanent researchers who want to benefit for their own research in surface-light engineering from the recent advances in machine learning.

The program will also include a Pitch and PhD sessions. Master students will have the opportunity to "pitch" on their academic projects/internships in the SLEIGHT area. Doctoral students will be invited to give short presentations on some recent reearch result. At the end of the week, the scientific axes#1 and #3 of MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School will organize a half-day workshop devoted to research projects in progress and prospective discussions.







Steering Committee :

  • Chair : Pierre CHAVEL (Head - MANUTECH SLEIGHT Educational Committee - IOGS)
  • Florence GARRELIE (Head - MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School, UJM)
  • Karine MASENELLI VARLOT (Head - MANUTECH SLEIGHT Scientific Committee, INSA Lyon)
  • Cécile ETIENNE (Project Manager - MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School - UJM)
  • Aurélie HIBON POTEL (Assistant - MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School - UJM)
Program Committee :
  • Chair : Marc SEBBAN (Leader of Sc. Axis 2 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Olivier BEUF (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 2 - CNRS - Lab. CREATIS)
  • Andras BORBELY (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 1 - Mines Saint-Etienne - LGF)
  • Valéry BOTTON (Co-chair of the C1 and C2 sessions - INSA Lyon - LMFA)
  • Jean-Philippe COLOMBIER (Leader of Sc. Axis 1 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Laurent DUBOST (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 3 - IREIS-HEF Groupe)
  • Anthony GRAVOUIL (Co-chair of the C1 and C2 sessions - INSA Lyon - Lab. LAMCOS)
  • Laurent GREMILLARD (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 1 - INSA Lyon - Lab. MATEIS)
  • Thomas GRENIER (Co-chair of PhD session - INSA Lyon - Lab. CREATIS)
  • Mathieu HEBERT (Co-chair of PhD session - UJM -Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • François JACQUENET (Chair of Pitch session - UJM Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Yves JOURLIN (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 3 - UJM - Lab. Hubert Curien)
  • Guilhem MOLLON (Co-leader of Sc. Axis 2 - INSA Lyon - Lab. LAMCOS)
  • Corinne PASQUIER (Chair of the sessions MINALOGIC)
  • Laurence VICO (Leader of Sc. Axis 3 - INSERM - Lab. SAINBIOSE)