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Newsletter of the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School | № 2 - Oct 20, 2023


  We welcome new international students for the 2023 Induction week!
We welcome the 2023-2025 cohort of new international students during the traditional Induction Week of the Faculty of Science and Technology! ▶ Lire la suite
  COUPLES project: Julie Dutems (Hubert Curien laboratory) defended her thesis in Saint-Etienne
Julie Dutems, PhD student at the Hubert Curien lab working on the COUPLES research project, is now a doctor! ▶ Lire la suite
  QUANTRI project: Alizée Bouchot-Madrignac (LaMCoS) defended her thesis in Lyon
Alizée Bouchot-Madrignac, PhD student at the LaMCoS laboratory, sucessfully defended her thesis. ▶ Lire la suite
  Master student mobility: students away around the globe
Various students from ou master's degrees received mobility grants to carry their internship in labs abroad. ▶ Lire la suite
  Internship Season - Our scholarship students' journey in France
3 of our scholars did their internship in renowned French labs ▶ Lire la suite
  SSE#10 - Pascal GIRAUD wins the Best PhD presentation award
Pascal Giraud, PhD student at the Hubert Curien lab, got the award for his presentation during the Young Scientists session ▶ Lire la suite


  6th Call for Projects: 6 projects funded in 2023
2 PhD theses, 3 post-doctoral fellowships and 1 master internship are funded by the Graduate School after the 6th Call for Projects. ▶ Lire la suite
  3rd Call for Thesis Certification: 6 projects co-funded in 2023
6 PhD theses are co-funded by the Graduate School after the 3rd Call for Thesis Certification ▶ Lire la suite
  ► REPLAY - SSE #10 - Conferences
(Re)watch the presentations of 3 guest speakers of our 10th SLEIGHT Science Event on Sustainable Surface Engineering ▶ Lire la suite
  Sustainable energy at the heart of our 10th SLEIGHT Science Event
Summary of our 10th scientific event in Saint-Etienne ▶ Lire la suite
  Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) 2023 appointments
Sylvain Girard and Rémi Emonet from the Hubert Curien lab have been appointed as IUF members in 2023 for 5 years. ▶ Lire la suite
  A glance at the 2023 co-funded conferences
In 2023, the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School co-funded 2 conferences: the 18th EcerS conference and 4th edition of the DeepImaging School ▶ Lire la suite

Publication by Eduardo Brandao and Anthony Nakhoul in Physical Review Letters
Brandao, E., Nakhoul, et al. (2023). Learning Complexity to Guide Light-Induced Self-Organized Nanopatterns. Physical Review Letters, 130(22) ▶ Lire la suite

Steve PAPA and the SAINBIOSE team publish in Scientific Reports
Papa, S., et al. Key topographic parameters driving surface adhesion of Porphyromonas gingivalis. Sci Rep 13, 15893 (2023) ▶ Lire la suite


  PhD offer: The Hubert Curien lab is seeking a new PhD student to work on the ULTRACHEM project
The Laser-Matter Interaction team of the Hubert Curien lab is seeking its next PhD student to work on the ULTRACHEM research project, funded by the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School ▶ Lire la suite
  PhD offer: the SAINBIOSE lab seeks their new PhD student to work on the NANOTRAP project
The SAINBIOSE lab, in partnership with LTDS and the Hubert Curien lab, is seeking its new PhD student to work on the NANOTRAP research project, funded by the Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School. ▶ Lire la suite
  MatéIS and iP2i - Internship offer
The MatéIS lab and ip2i are seeking an second year master student to work at the LMA platform ▶ Lire la suite


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