NEW Master Programme Computational Colour and Spectral Imaging (COSI)

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS for 2020-2022: from October 15th 2019 to January 10th 2020

Université Jean Monnet - Campus Manufacture - Saint-Etienne
18 rue pr Benoît Lauras - 42000 Saint-Etienne

The 2-years (120 ECTS) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme Computational Colour and Spectral Imaging (COSI)


The 2-years (120 ECTS) Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme Computational Colour and Spectral Imaging (COSI) provides an interdisciplinary and innovative training programme in a specialized field combining colour and spectral imaging with advanced data science. We provide students with a unique competence and skill set, including advanced methodologies, models, and practical applications with two goals: Enhance their employability and improve their career prospects on one hand, and meet the current and future needs of industrial R&D and academic research on the other.

The Information and Communication Technologies, Health & Life Science, and Science & Technology sectors are in full growth. The innovative use of images is increasingly important in these sectors, particularly in Quality Control of Manufactured Products, Medical and Biomedical Imaging, Spectral Systems Design, Media Technology, Internet of Things. COSI competence is highly sought after in a wide range of sectors where the continued evolution of R&D fields requires adapted and extremely specialized courses with a strong focus on industrial applications and recent trends in various research areas

With competitive scholarships available we expect to recruit excellent students from various educational backgrounds worldwide. The whole curriculum is entirely taught in English, but students will also gain multicultural skills as well as other transversal skills. COSI students will receive a specialized education very well adapted to their background, interests, and future career plans.

See the COSI website for all additional details regarding course components, admission and application.