Why is it a great opportunity for Master and PhD students to study into MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School?

This Graduate School proposes a unique integrated research and training program, which covers main topics at the core knowlege of each discipinary and at the interface of Light - Optics-Photonics - , Suface - Material physics and Mechanics -, Image and Data Sciences - Data mining and computer science - and Bio-Engineering.

Moreover, the Graduate School provides a high quality environment for training and research, research facilities, and a favourable economic environment.

The MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School offers are:

Master programs:

  • 3 Master Degrees with 7 tracks. Most of these Master Tracks offer international curricula. 
  • The IOGS “photonics, lighting, image and energy” track of the Master cursus in Optical Engineering
  • Research curricula (“parcours R”) from INSA Lyon.

 The benefit of these Master programs is also based on:

  • Courses taught by internationally recognized scientists;
  • Individual scientific projects where students can discover research activity through topics in collaboration with academic or industrial partners;
  • A large possibility of internships in laboratories to learn how to implement a research project.
  • The internationalisation of training offers allowing an open-mindedness necessary for a scientific career.

MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School offers Master Attractiveness Scholarships

PhD programs:

2 Doctoral Schools on Lyon and Saint-Etienne sites :

  • Doctoral School SIS (ED SIS) is a multidisciplinary doctoral school that provides training principally within the fields of the engineering sciences, information and communication technologies and sciences, health and biology.
  • Doctoral School MEGA (ED MEGA) covers a large range of engineering sciences disciplines.
Graduate Interdisciplinary Sessions: This biannual sessions are key moment of the MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School. All Master and PhD students have the opportunity to meet and exchange with International and French researchers during a week organized around courses, scientific workshops, poster sessions.

In a very short term, MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School will design a new offer with “minor” and “major“ which offer a wide range of interdisciplinary lectures, in particular at the frontier between Materials Sciences or photonics and Biology.