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The SLEIGHT Science Event #6

held from 5th to 9th July, 2021


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Séminaire LabEx MANUTECH SISE - 14 et 15 octobre 2021

Le Séminaire Labex Manutech-Sise se tiendra les 14 et 15 octobre 2021 au Château de Goutelas (Marcoux-Loire).

Tous les deux ans, le LABEX organise un séminaire interne qui permet à notre communauté de partager les fruits du travail effectué au cours des deux années écoulées. En 2021, ce sera l’occasion, pour les doctorants et post-doctorants, de présenter leurs travaux. Ce sera également l’occasion, pour les porteurs de projets achevés courant 2020, de présenter une synthèse finale de leur projet.

Vous pouvez consulter le programme provisoire en cliquant ici.

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes jusqu'au 15 mai 2021.

The Imaging and eXtended Reality technology - IXR - platform

The Imaging and eXtended Reality technology - IXR - platform, managed by the MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School, is currently being set up in the Knowledge Center for Innovation of the Université Jean-Monnet in Saint-Etienne (France).

This modular room will soon provide access to technological equipments dedicated to :

- imaging (with innovative cameras),

- 2D/3D visualization (with very powerful graphic stations and numerous screen technologies),

- virtual reality (with several types of headsets),

- mixed reality (with a Varjo XR-3 headset),

- 3D capture (with a 3D scanner),

- 360° capture (with several 360° cameras),

- etc.

The IXR platform will be used for training and research activities. The master students of the Eramus Mundus Joint Master Degree - EMJMD - IMLEX and of the ITXR master track will use this platform during their pratical sessions and their research projects.

The IXR platform is financially supported by the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

First lecture “Photonics and Health” : introduction to ophthalmology and ocular biology, by prof. Philippe Gain from the Universitary Hospital of Saint-Etienne

6 April 2021. Students of Institut d’Optique in second year of engineering studies in Saint-Etienne attended the new lecture Introduction to ophthalmology and ocular biology by prof. Philippe Gain from the Universitary Hospital of Saint-Etienne, created this year by Institut d’Optique in the framework of the interdisciplinary lectures “ Photonics and Health “ of the Manutech Sleight Graduate School.

Prof. Philippe Gain is one of the leading figures of research in clinical ophthalmology in France, director of the BiiGC laboratory which is member of the Manutech Sleight Graduate School, as well as creator of several innovative companies. During his lecture, he was assisted by a MSc student of Institut d’Optique, Anthony Aïn, who is presently working has an intern in BiiGc laboratory.

Agenda of the lecture

During 2 hours, a theoretical lecture introduced the physiology of the human eye and the different techniques based on optics and photonics used in clinical analysis, in four steps: the whole eye, the cornea, the lens, and the retina. Prof. Gain also presented the main innovations issued from the research in his laboratory, as well as future challenging projects.

The 2 following hours where dedicated to a visit of the BiiGC laboratory and its impressing high-tech equipements, including numerous laser-based technologies for surgery or clinical observation. The visit continued in the ophthalmology service of the hospital, by following the same four steps as in the theoretical lecture. Live demonstrations of various imaging technologies on voluntary students were organized, thus offering a perfect illustration of the concept learned before.

The Manutech Sleight Graduate School and the Institut d’Optique express all their gratitude to prof. Gain and his assistants for their warm welcoming and the quality of the lecture and its interactiveness. This lecture will be organized each year.

The “Photonics and Health” lectures organized by Institut d’Optique also include a lecture by prof. Jean-Luc Perrot from Saint-Etienne Hospital on Dermatology and skin imaging. The first edition will be on the 22th April 2021.

Prof. Gain and students from Institut d’Optique in front of the BiiGC laboratory building, in the university hospital campus of Saint-Etienne.

Picture taken at the entrance of the BiiGC laboratory. In the background, in white coat, prof. Gain (center of the picture) and his assistants, among which Anthony Aïn (second from the right side).

1st call for abstracts WTC 2021 - July 10 to 15 2022

This event has been postponed until July 10-15 2022 due to the coronavirus outbreak

It is our great pleasure to announce the opening of abstract submission for the 7th World Tribology
Congress. This international event will be an opportunity to bring together a large scientific community, to promote international exchanges and collaborations on the current topics on tribology. The conference will be organized around the ten following scientific themes and a partner event (more details here)

Originally slated for november 2020, the fifth International Workshop on Metallic Nano-Objects (MNO 2020) will be held at the University of Saint-Etienne from 3th to 5th of november 2021.

This workshop is built on the success of the previous editions (Saint-Etienne 2012, Lille 2014, Lyon 2016, Lyon 2018). It aims to provide an overview on recent advances and challenges in the development of metallic nano-objects and their applications.

MNO 2020 is cofinanced by MANUTECH Sleight Graduate School